Australia and New Zealand

I decided I needed a break from my studies around the halfway point of the year. I needed a little taste of home and Western culture since I spent the winter holidays on a predominately Hindu island. My parents decided they needed a vacation too and decided to meet me in Melbourne, Australia for a [...]

Balot and Insitu Recordings

I met many new friends through the Narwastu Gamelan Ensemble. Many were Westerners who were studying gamelan for a year at the local university, the Indonesian Institute of the Arts. One night, they invited me out to an album release of record that was a compilation of new music by Balinese composers on traditional gamelan [...]


November 2016 So far with my blogs, you have seen Leontine in action teaching two separate classes at the Meg Foundation and the Kigali Music School. In this blog post, I will got more into depth about her classes and share a little bit about her life, her aspirations, and her role as a woman [...]

Meg Foundation and Parents’ Showcase

October 2016 Leontine works as a music teacher at the Meg Foundation, a UK-funded NGO. The Meg Foundation is a primary school and women's co-operative located in Kinamba, one of the poorest communities of Kigali, Rwanda’s capital city. It was founded by, and today is still run by, Meg Fletcher. Each child admitted to the [...]

Rwinkwavu and Ingomas

October 2016 As I mentioned in my previous post, Musicians without Borders (MWB) works with local musicians to "teach singing, songwriting, and music therapy, making use of Rwandan traditional culture to address the trauma of the genocide and conflict" (from the MWB website). Overall, the goal is to create sustainable music programs that can be [...]